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Protected: August 2nd, 2018

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What Doesn’t Kill Me…

…the next line of the song is
“Makes Me Vicious”…thank you,  Lzzy Hale.

However, today it’s not making me vicious.  It’s making me long for a week in the woods.  In a tent.  With a fire and a fishing pole.

Not because anything is really going wrong…I mean, it is.  But its nothing that won’t rectify itself…in time.

Have I at any point mentioned that I don’t wait well?  Because I don’t.  At all.  *siiiiiigh*

And I have so many things that I’m waiting on in my life right now…

It’s kinda like I’m doing everything right according to what society wants and how everyone else runs it…and it’s killing my little rebel gypsy heart!…and it’s still falling down around my ears!  UGH!

But…what doesn’t kill me, right?  Or something.

Here’s to another day down…
…the countdown continues.

It Happens Every Single Year


Every summer for as long as I can remember?  I’ve gotten sunburned.
This summer is no exception.

And right now???  My shoulders itch like crazy!!!

*sigh*  It’s not that I don’t apply sunscreen, because I do.
It’s that I forget to RE-apply sunscreen.  *double sigh*

Believe it or not?  At one time in my life (like 4 years ago…seems like a life time ago already!), I had aspirations to stay pure pin-up girl porcelain pasty white.
To say that didn’t work all that well would probably be the understatement of my entire life.  Seriously.

See here’s my problem:
I like to be outside in the summer.
I like to camp.  I like to hike.  I like to do gardening and yard work.  I like to mow grass (seriously.  And no I am not suffering from heat stroke).  I love to swim and fish and canoe.

I would rather be outside sitting in the sun and the heat doing nothing than I would inside in the air conditioning.  Honest.

Why?  I have zero idea.
Okay.  Maybe I have a slight idea.

Being outside is FREE.  There’s stuff to see and do and learn.  There’s amazing awe and wonder all around.
See, I was very spoiled as a child:  I HAD TO go outside and play.  Why?  Mom said so.  Gram & Papa said so.
Besides…we didn’t have air conditioning.  Chances were it was much cooler outside, under the trees.
And?  We had just spent all winter inside.  There was STUFF to do outside: whether it was playing and running or watching birds or camping or growing stuff or keeping the yard beautiful.  It wasn’t inside.  We had had enough of being inside. And it was Wisconsin.  It would be winter again soon enough.

So I go outside every chance I get.
And every summer?  I get red…then tan—ish.  If I don’t blister and peel, I get tan.
My shoulders are going to peel.  I know it.  I maaaaaaay have gotten sunburn on top of my sunburn.  Ummm…oops…

And this won’t be the only sunburn of the summer, either.  I’ve got days in the next week that I know I’m going to be outside.  And I’ve already planned to wear certain things so that the areas I had covered last week can get some color.  Hey.  If I’m stuck having tan lines?  I’m having as few un-tanned areas as I am comfortable with.
…which, unfortunately, are still way larger than I am happy with myself about.  1) because I should have been working hard on getting to the best me for a looooooong time already…and I’ve procrastinated again.  And 2) because I’m not okay with not being okay with my body.

So the question -for myself.  I don’t need answers.  I need to figure out what works for me- is: How do I manage to acquire color without the initial stage being RED?  Because…ITCHY.  Like super itchy right.this.moment.  OMG…it itches so damn bad.….


Its just healing sunburn.
I’ve got this.
After all?  It happens every summer…

Don’t Let Them Sell You Stuff

We are a selling society.
We want to sell to everyone.
And everyone wants to sell to us.

Even if the product or service doesn’t work.  And most don’t.  And mostly?  The seller doesn’t care, if they’re aware at all.
And honestly?

Honestly, we’re all out here looking for a miracle of some kind or another.
We’ll almost believe anything.  Seriously.

There’s a really good reason for disclaimers on everything:  we’re collectively stupid as hell.

Look.  There’s things to remember in life.  Here’s the top few…
1- If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
2- The goal with a consumable is to get you hooked so you come back for more.
3- Results vary AND will change over time.
4- Companies can pay for endorsements…and they do.  Whether those endorsements come from celebrities or publications, they are be bought.
5- You have the entire sum of the world’s collective knowledge at your fingertips.  USE it.  And use multiple sources.  You may have to dig…companies pay to information “scrubbed” to make themselves, their product, and their services look better.
6- There are very VERY few experts out there in ANY field today.  Information increases too fast.
7- You still get NOTHING long-term without hard work, focus, concentration…and more than likely blood, sweat, and tears.

I know, I know:  it SUCKS.

But that is truly the way it is.

We’ve become reliant on experts and tactics and miracle drugs and fads and such.
I promise you that, in the long run -when it comes to ANYTHING worth accomplishing in life!- 
There are NO cheat days


An ounce of prevention is worth much more than a ton of cure

No.  I’m not discussing health here…although it does indeed apply.

If you want results?  You don’t get to cheat your way to the top and then not have it fold on you.  It’s not karma.  It’s complacency.
And doing the right things for the right reason from the onset (or from now on in your process) and planning for whatever deviations and diversions you can foresee?  Even though that may take time?  It’s easier to do and to make habit than to clean up a mess caused by sloppiness or the chaos of life or to have to back-track and make right later.

The details that no one else sees?  They do indeed matter.
AND you don’t have to make those details public on social media, either!  You don’t have to share EVERY SINGLE BREATH YOU TAKE with the world or your friends or what not!
YOU DO NOT LIVE ONLINE.  You live life.
And if you’re taking time to document every single movement you make?  You’re using up precious moments that you could be doing and seeing and living and experiencing and growing.
If some one asks about your behind-the-scenes steps?  Yeah.  Share them.
Or make an insight into the back-of-house operations a periodic thing for your brand.
Don’t share everything all the time.

Quit expecting miracles.  Quit buying into the latest things and experts.  Quit believing everything you hear and see.

Understand that what you don’t know is holding you back.
Understand that what you won’t do  is holding you back.

Then decide what you have to do and what you need to learn…and do it.

But for the love of everything!  Quit buying the hype you’re being sold.

…for you.