HEY! It’s me…Trix

Welcome to my digital home on the web! Here you can find a little bit about what is in MY head, what’s upcoming, links to great information and resources, great stories, rants, things that will inspire…things that will intimidate.
You can also find other places that I am online with just a click or two.

Meet up digitally as well with some of the folks that are my Peeps, Cohorts, and perhaps even a Friend or two will drop by and leave a note!

We’re all open and honest here; there’s no sugar-coating.  Stupid statements get called out as what they are. We’re adults and we act, behave, and speak as such.  If you can’t handle that?  You’re DEFINITELY in the wrong place.
That’s as close to a disclaimer as you’re going to be getting.

So who am ***I*** really?
Hi.  I’m Trixi.
I’m just as snarky and sarcastic and bitchy and loud in person as I am online.
I am a skater.  I am a pole sports competitor in training.  I am a crafter.  I am a singer.
I am a coffee drinker.  I am a whiskey girl.  I am a lover of the vintage.  I am an aspiring Pin Up.  I live with depression.  I am a shopper.  I am a traveler.  I will try anything.  I am involved.  I strive to learn daily.  I am a social media maven.  I am ALWAYS eating.  I am inquiring and question everything.
…look.  Just imagine 6,798 tabs open at all times. That’s the inside of my brain.
My datebook is just as bad…except it’s sticky notes.

And yes: I actually do get enough sleep.
Yet thank you for the concern.

Stick around.  The fun’s just getting started…