More and Less

I don’t make New Year resolutions.

Pretty much because I don’t have the time to keep them.

And if I’m going to make a change to my life?  I’m not waiting until the calendar turns over the morning after my birthday.

Yes, my birthday is really New Year’s eve.  No, it’s not as awesome as one would think.
Just ONE YEAR I would like to be asked to go out for my birthday instead of NYE festivities.


So I’m working on a bunch of stuff.  Some was committed to because it was pointed out to me.  Some of it is stuff that has been expected of me for the longest time and that -honestly- I’ve been slacking on and using several [fabulous] excuses for.

Some are new-to-me ideas on how to get where I want to be.  Some are business opportunities (I’m doing my best to monetize instead of getting a real-life J-O-B.  All a j-o-b is going to do is take up time on my daily schedule.  Seriously.  I just have to quit doing things for free…)  Some are terrific-yet-at-the-same-time-horrible ideas that have crossed my mind for a while now and I’m still trying to figure out how to make work in my favor 100% of the attempt from the get go (there are a couple of hurdles yet to overcome before I can guarantee success.  It’s getting closer, however…)

*le sigh* Life happens…daily.  And almost every time I think that I have things lined out successfully?  I hit a snag that backs me up about 70%.
I guess that at least I’m seeing the problems for what they are when they are and that I’m not ignoring the fact that they’re there?…
And they haven’t actually made me walk away from anything.  Simply adapt my proposed methods prior to implimentation…

Any way.

More of this and that and way less stress.
That’s kinda what I’m aiming for in 2018.

I’m tired of struggling.  I’m done being behind on everything that I want to do because I had to reschedule life because of something that someone else could have handled.  Easily.  Before now.  But they didn’t and now ***I*** have to handle it…like RIGHT NOW because if I don’t, there are immediate reprocussions from a higher-level-than-I-am entity.

My goals for the next 53 weeks are steep as fuck.  And they are indeed broken down into week-at-a-time, week-at-a-glance priorities and steps.

I acknowledge that it’s going to be tough.  I acknowledge that I’m going to overthink a lot and that I’m going to want to throw in the towel (possibly first thing tomorrow morning).  I also am very aware that there are going to be parts of it that I can’t share with the world, simply because I can’t explain them with the vocabulary of today.  There are some parts of life that are like explaining how filtered water tastes.  Either you automatically understand it or you won’t until you’ve drank it yourself.

Here’s to the last year of dealing with bullshit.  Period.


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