We Can’t Make My Life Easy, Can We

Okay…more like “I’m totally a dork ass, aren’t I”…

Yeah.  MUCH more like that second part.

I’m picky.  I’ll admit it.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to my day planner.  I don’t know exactly when in life I developed that idosyncricy, but it happened.
Most days?  I’m not sure what day of the week it is if I haven’t ex-ed out the previous day.  Ask me the date?  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA….cute.  No idea, really.

I begin keeping my entire life on paper about 7 years ago when I was out to change my life.  I know that much.  In that time, I’ve had one really amazing day planner.
Now?  Now I’ve been looking for the past 2 months, knowing that the end of the year is coming soon, and I can barely find a wall calendar let alone anything that resembles a day planner.

Allow me to restate:  I have, indeed, located a day planner or 2 that will work I guess.  I’m not paying $50+ for something that will work…”I guess”…  Like I said—PICKY.

So I’m kinda thinking that I’m going to have to block out a couple of hours and make my own.  Because, you know, arts & crafts and such…

Beyond that?  I apparently need checklists.  Lots and lots of checklists.
This is the second day this week that I’ve walked out of the house without something.  Today it was my makeup bag & tooth-brush.  I set it on the bathroom counter so I’d remember it.  Looky how well THAT worked.  *le sigh*

See, the majority of the problem is that my brain has 7,968 tabs open at any given time.  At LEAST one of them is playing music.  I’m not sure which one…

Do I simply have “too much” on my proverbial plate?  …probably…
Is that going to change?  It hasn’t since I was about 12 years old, so I’m going to go with “no” as my final answer.

How do I deal with it?  I don’t and that’s 99% of the problem.  I make lists.  And I work diligently to stay on task.  That’s not always easy when you’re counting on other people to pull their own weight in projects in a timely manner.

I have, however, figured out that -as much planning as I do in some areas of my day- there are sections that I completely and totally overlook.  I just hope they fall together…or something…
Example?  Don’t mind if I do…
Since August I’ve been cooking dinner at Momma’s pretty much every night.  Why? Mostly because I can.  I like to cook.  I just hate cooking for only me.  I know Momma is the same way…
The first week I did awesome at plotting out a menu and sticking to it.
Now?  It’s more like “what do I have in the fridge and cupboards and what can I make happen with it all…”
I have to work on that.
Not simply from a planning point of view, but because I just “pinned” like 50 foods-from-around-the-world that I want to try.  You don’t get to try recipes if you don’t PLAN to try them.

So, among other things, I have a mission (if you will) to clean out my Pinterest boards.
…I don’t want to even imagine how long that’s actually going to take…
I saved some really good stuff at one time or another.  I know that.  Thinking about it, I can tell you about a lot of things I saved to one board or another from YEARS ago.
Ah, Pinterest.  The hoarding of digital ideas at it’s finest.  How many of us have boards we haven’t touched anything on…ever?  C’mon.  Admit it…

I know that I have, somewhere on there, a board full of organizational templates.  Maybe I stored an amazing template for a day planner.  Honestly, it’s really frustrating not to be able to find what I think I want!!!  I simply want to plan to stay on task and then have the ability to attempt it to the best of my person.

And I’m old-fashioned on so many levels.  I need to have it on paper.  Digital is fabulous, as well.  Yet nominal, everyday tasks?  I need paper.  I need a calendar.  I need sticky notes (note to self:  I DO need sticky notes.  I’m running dangerously low).

I need to find an organizational template…

I can’t do anything the easy way.
At least not in the last five years or so…


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