Respect Due

I have a difficult time respecting most people.

Most people’s actions -repeated actions- don’t match their words.  There’s a simple reason why, too.

What they SAY they believe is not truly what they believe.  
You will ALWAYS act according to your true beliefs.  And no one can tell you any different from what you believe either.  (This is why I refuse to have a discussion on religion or faith or spirituality with almost anyone)  You have to experience the challenge to your truth of belief and REALLY understand it’s implications before you will examine your actions.  And most often, people do not respect themselves enough not to deny what has happened.  They brush it off.  They fall back into their habits that put them in a situation to blame others in the first place.

I respect people who will make decisions when they are needed…not on a Monday or on the first of the year.

I respect people who can look at me, sometimes with tears in their eyes, and admit that its THEIR fault and no one else’s.
Accepting the fact that YOU are solely responsible for EXACTLY where you are in life based on everything you have or have not said and everything you have or have not done is the true sign of adulthood.
Some of us reached that long before others.  Some of y’all never will get there…

I respect people who understand that they are leaders and accept that silently, yet lead loudly through actions – even when it doesn’t make them friends.

I respect people who openly tell me what they EXPECT from me and my behaviors if I’m not living up to who they know that I am.

I respect people who live their passion and understand how their passion fits into the bigger scheme of things.

I respect people who think the box is overrated.

I respect the people who understand that they cannot save everyone…and even if they could?  It’s not a good idea.  Lead, yes.  Save?  No.

I respect the people who can live within the little moments where life is for hours and days.

I respect the people who challenge my thinking and challenge their own.

I respect people who know that the surface is the SURFACE and that only 5% of the oceans are explored.

I respect people who understand that looks aren’t important, yet it’s important that you look good to feel good…and that that’s different to everyone.

I respect people who respect your dreams and will look you dead in the face, two inches from your nose and tell you -loudly- “THAT’S NOT BIG ENOUGH, WOMAN!  YOU’RE THINKING TOO SMALL!  …and you know it….”

I respect people who understand that people do NOT change.  That habits and behaviors are reflections of beliefs that people hold at their core.  That those habits and behaviors may adjust for a moment or a few weeks, but they never truly change.  Because people do not change.

I respect people who can view their ideas and actions in conjunction with others’ lives and make comment on what was said and what has happened…and raise the question of whether or not we’re done trying to figure out why because neither of us are okay with it…

I respect people who dig deeper even when it hurts because growth is neither automatic nor painless.

To the few who I know are these?


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