One of the greatest things about my favoritest human on this planet?  My Bestest challenges the hell out of me.  Seriously.

I get a lot of conversations that have to be replayed…or lines that don’t necessarily make sense in the moment, but stick and become part of the puzzle that is fitting together a few days (or weeks) later.

The challenges that are outlined for me are logical.  They are things that MAKE SENSE based on my lifestyle and beliefs of two very similar, twinny-energies.  They are simply things that I didn’t think about (some days its really nice having a second brain in my life walking around dealing with other things so that it can bring back to me ideas or thoughts that I didn’t come up with in my typical mayhem for the day.  Other times?  REALLY frustrating because it points out details or thought lines that I was really trying to ignore).

Like I’m currently on this challenge to get 5 hours of sleep a day.  I think that it was implied that those 5 hours are to be all together and not spread out in naps through out the day…
…in fact?  I know that’s what was meant.

I have a challenge in front of me as well to use renewable resources and reclaimed materials in the reconstruction projects on the family property.  While I had already figured this in to my planning for my farm house and property (8 years out)?  I hadn’t considered it for the family property project that I’m working on.  Well.  It wasn’t really handed to me as a challenge, as much as an “I expect you to…” statement.
Understandable, really.  I’m smart enough to know that the benefits will be worth the cost, time, research, and education.
…and here I had hoped (against hope, really…especially when I was informed that there’s no possible way I could make this project happen in the first place) this rebuild would be fast and simple and cheap.  I knew better about those facts too, though.  It’s called “denial” kids…and I try to live there every once in a while for a moment or two…  *sigh*

I’m beginning to believe that life is LIVED in a series of moments created by the acceptance of challenges from the Best people in life who want to see you continue to grow and evolve.

If the people around you aren’t challenging your thinking, your conversation, your beliefs, and the way you are currently existing?
Chances are that you’re hanging around with the wrong people.
…you should fix that.

Warning:  Those people are intense.  They don’t make life any easier because they refuse to accept society or to go with the flow.  They have a tendency to live hard.  They experience deeply.  Intense moments have to be had…and then discussed (trust me on this.  And?  Its super difficult to have those discussions afterwards.  Been there…recently)…
Growth and evolution are never pain-free, though.  Chances are that the biggest breakdown in your life happens moments before the largest evolution and elevation does.  Seriously.  I’m beginning to figure that part out…

So on to some added work in order to fulfill my commitment to growth.
I got this.


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