It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

…unless you’re a small business owner.  

Then?  It’s the same daily struggle…only amplified.  
Budgets are tighter.  People believe they’re getting a better deal at a mega store.  Everyone wants a discount. People are lazy.

Don’t like those ideas?  Probably because you can see parts of yourself right there in the type-face, huh?

Look.  Small businesses are going to offer you more unique ideas…better creators…quality…personal service and enthusiam…
Don’t believe me?  Make a commitment to shop small.

Oh, and quit asking for a discount from your friends / family that own small businesses.  
They don’t owe you one.
And if you truly support them?  You’re going to pay full price anyway.  You just will.  No questions asked.

Get out of the mega-warehouse stores that suck your soul dry and purchase small.  Just try it.

Quality over quantity.  
If everyone can have it, I don’t want it anyway.  For real.

I’m going to spend parts of the next 2 months showing you what I mean…
…stick around.


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