Some Day Has Arrived

Sounds illogical, right?  The running theory is that “someday” never arrives…

…which is why we put things off until then. Procrastination at its very finest.

What happens when we decide that today is Someday and make an effort to just DO?

Actually, that makes a lot of sense.  Just Do.

We put off things…everything if we could. Everyone has reasons.  Excuses.  Everyone has EXCUSES as to why we don’t want to do things  Mostly, we’re either lazy or afraid or both.

I’m tired of being lazy.  (Trust me when I say I’m not afraid of ANYTHING at this point in life any more.)  And overloading my schedule is simply a form of procrastination, really.  It’s time to do.

After all, you cannot BE if you do not DO.
That sounds an awful lot more enlightened than it really is…

Today is that day that someday has arrived in my life.
Does that mean that I’m going to get everything I’ve put off until this point caught up immediately?
Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…no.  It means that I’m going to go through what I’ve written to do “later” and make decisions.  It means I’m either doing it NOW or not at all from now on.  (How exactly is that going to work?  Not 100% sure yet…  This is kinda a work-in-progress and develop-the-strategy-as-I-go type of thing.  Soooo…basically like the rest of my life lately…)

Today is here.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not promised.
Do. Be. Evolve. Know. Become. Level the fuck up.


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