In Progress

The moment that a rebranding in you brain happens is the moment that your life changes.


Well, sort of.

For me -right now- it’s about going back to what I started at.

I immersed myself in social media, PR (Public Relations), networking, and SEO (search engine optimization) because I understand it quite easily and I am good at it (okay…everything except that SEO part.  That’s a challenge yet).
It pays the bills and I can do most of it without thinking -when clients want to actually listen to the advice and information that they pay me to give to them [side note: when they finally give in, and they always do, it works well].

Yet?  It’s not what I want to do.

I’ve always had dreams and goals far beyond the scope of the computer screen.  And it took my Bestest SCREAMING it at me to remind me of that.
I mean, not that I forgot really.
But I did put everything on the back burner and lost a LOT of enthusiasm and even self-confidence about it while attempting live my life and keep my head above water…

Reasons that my Bestest is indeed my favorite human of all time?  He’s not afraid to call me out -very loudly when necessary!- on my stupid.
…and occasionally I even get the message.

So, I’m back to it.  Back to building a brand around what I want to do in this world.
Back to pushing myself harder than ever before.
Am I going to go to school this fall?  Well hell.  I got in, so yes.  Will my major(s) change?  Probably.  I’m not sure how this will all work yet…but I know that I have 3 semesters of essentially “general” credits anyway.  I have time.

Social media will stay part of my life for now.  It brings in the day-to-day income that feeds me (have I mentioned that I like food???).  I’ll probably never truly be out of it.
But my self FOCUS is much bigger.  I have goals and I have deadlines.

So what’s up first?
Rebuilding my wardrobe.  I’m a clothes-horse…but I’m going to do this much better.  I went through EVERYTHING that I own and am down to about an eighth of what I had (watch the local thrift shoppes, folks.  It’ll appear).
Getting myself back to where I was physically.  I have made progress already this year, but I need to be much more dedicated to it -no matter how vain that seems.
Expanding my vocal range.  I work on it…occassionally.  But not enough and not to the point where I’m actually gaining sufficient tonality with expansion.

I’ve got this.  I know I do.
And it means stepping out of my “social media” hat and focusing on everything else instead.  It won’t be easy, as it’s how I’ve identified myself in the past 2 years.  Social media has been first for that time, and I’ve been basically nothing else.  A social media maven with a karaoke hobby…
Time to change that.

Am I freaked?  Mostly.  Am I scared?  Oh definitely.  Am I going to conquer?  Dude.  My mother didn’t raise me to fail, so…
And I’m sure I’ll wind up off track again.
Eh.  That’ll be taken care of.  I’ve got amazing humans in my corner.

I’m more than a work in progress.
I’m on a mission.


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