Actually?  I luv eating.
“Trix.  You hungry?”
Me: am I breathing???  I could eat…

No.  Seriously.

I hate food tracking and food planning.  Really.

At one point about 2 years ago I had this down to an art…or a science…or something.  No!  I really did.  I don’t know how or what happened …
Okay, what HAPPENED was I got lazy…
…but I MUST get back on food track.  Eating is the most difficult part of weight management and health, really.

My fuel intake goals aren’t all that bad, really.  I just have a difficult time reaching them…and honestly I detest food planning.  I don’t mind measuring ANYTHING (in fact I have a set of measuring utensils that I used to carry in my backpack for times I had to eat out.  I don’t care.  I can’t eyeball a serving size yet…).  But trying to figure out what I WANT to eat is something else all together.  Usually I plan out 2 meals plans and rotate them for a week.  It’s easier.
Then I get bored with eating the same things over and over and I try to get creative and instead get frustrated.  UGH!

But I have to get this figured out again.  It’s actually one of my sub-goals for this month.  Because I know that once I’m back into it, I’ll be fine…and I will see amazing results of the work that I’m putting in in the gym and in the mornings.  I know this.

It’s getting there (the planning done) that is kicking my ass.  *sigh*
So…back to it.  Because it has to be done.

(I also picked up a tough new-to-me workout for body weight work in the morning…I’ll post it tonight)


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