Pick Your Reason

But make sure as hell that the reason is GREAT.  Not just a good reason.  A FUCKING GREAT one.

I had to reevaluate my reasons for doing a lot of things in the last week.  Then?  I get hit with this great reminder today:

“So many women have been brainwashed into believing that they have to possess a certain body type, weigh a certain weight, or fit into society’s image of beauty to be attractive  Ladies, no matter your body size, you are beautiful.  No matter what your measurements are, you can succeed in life.  Success is determined by the size of your self-confidence, not your body size. “

Wow.  Okay…a couple of things:

First—totally correct.  And for whatever reason we have this bad thing where we tie our confidence into our image/weight/size.  And it’s hard to get away from that…but it is possible to do.  It takes practice.

Second—why am I waiting for myself to hit my goals before I deem myself successful in any aspect of what I’m doing?  I’ve been successful already in a lot of things…but I’m waiting or something to claim the successes I’ve accomplished already…WHYYYYY??!?!?!??!?!

So…one thing at a time.
You can be proud of me or not for what I’ve done in my life.  ***I AM*** proud of me.  That’s pretty much all that matters, really.  I vote for more pinatas to celebrate with.  I shall have more pinatas to celebrate with.  EOS.

Also?  I do have to say that I’m happy with my weight and body goals.  I am.  They’re attainable.  They’re not in any way, shape, or form unrealistic for who I am.  I know that when I put the work in, I will indeed get there.  But maybe my why has to be more important than my results are in my mind…
…I’ve gotten things backwards…again…

How the fuck do you always know when I need to hear things, man?  I cried.  Like…it just HIT me as I read it.  HOW.  DO.  You.  ALWAYS.  KNOW?!?!?!?!  

Okay.  So focus is changing.  GOAL is the same.  Focus is changing.  Back to plan A564.  (I think it A564.  Maybe…either way…)

I got this.

And I’m going celebrate everything along the way.  Every.  Single.  Success.


❤ Trix



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