Six Weeks

Networking with hundreds of thousands of people is good and bad.  And then?  Then it’s frightening.

Networking has been whats gotten me into a lot of different things in life.  The people I’ve networked with over the past 8 or so years have been everything from liars and thieves to some of the best people in the world…and everything in between.

While I may not be close with a lot of the people that I’ve networked with, I’ve learned a TON.  And more often than not?  I can turn to people that I’ve “friended” or followed when I need help in a niche area of my life.

So begin conversations with amazing people 3 days ago…

I connected with a woman that I admire.  I had question for her personally about how she managed to live her life.  She blows my mind!
And after 2 days of chit-chatting on messenger, I’m screwed.


Because she (along with a couple other folks that I had been talking to about a few other things) issued me challenges.  SELF challenges.  SIX WEEK challenges.

You know, because everything in my life starts and ends on the same time table.
Trust me.

So…what’s on my calendar for the next six weeks?
…I’m almost kidding.
Except that I’m not.

It’s not that I’m over-booked.  That happened a few years ago.
It’s that I need to focus.
And it’s not that I’m bad a focusing…I’m HORRIBLE at it.

So I have to get better.
That means lists.  That means stickie notes.  That means alarms and time management techniques.

That means busting ass to stay on track.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll be getting:
Outfit(s) of the day.  I may or may not be a clothes collector.
Workout, Food, and Water Accountability
Skill and Tricks updates (mostly videos.  It’ll be on YouTube)
Hair & makeup challenges
What I’m listening to

Why?  Pretty much because I can.

You’ll also be getting more about what I do and what I’m trying to do.
…you think I post a lot NOW?

I have some seriously hefty goals to accomplish.
In 6 weeks, I need to have an application video ready for a beginner competition.
In 6 weeks, I need to have a portfolio established.
In 6 weeks, I need to have become proficient in some skills I don’t like practicing…and some I don’t even know how to start learning!
In 6 weeks, I need have made serious strides in my fit goals.
In 6 weeks, I need to have established myself on 3 social management projects I want to be on.
In 6 weeks, I need to have my capstone started.
In 6 weeks, I need to have 3 branding projects finished.

Oh…my travel schedule picks up Thursday morning.  Out of the 6 weeks that I’m doing all this focusing?  I’ll be off my home-base about 3 1/2 – 4 weeks of it.
Plus working.  Hard.
Plus appointments.
Plus family time.
Plus time out with friends and cohorts and peeps.

Who wants to be my personal assistant?
Wait.  I have a Ted E Bear for that.  I’ll be GREAT.

Sometimes, this networking thing SUCKS.  I know that the challenges set out (and they’re all my designs and decisions) for the next 6 weeks are needed.  I’m just scared that I won’t be able to focus.

And honestly as I look at all of this?  It’s all about focus.
This will be good for me.

I know it.

I’m off…
Time to get started!

Catch ya on the flip


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