Can I Go To The Zoo???

Part of me wants to take the day off.  It seems like a good idea.  The weather outside is brilliant!… the MozCast?  Not so promising.  A little sticky and slightly stormy.  The sun is out outside.  Sites are down and apps are lagging.

And I really don’t want to take certification classes.  At all.  I mean, normally I’d just do them outside.  But I don’t feel like doing them at all right now.

I need a day off.

I don’t want to condense long-tails or find a thesaurus.  I don’t want to do GeoID counts.  I don’t want to credit images.  Or curate.  Or anything like that right now.  Why???  Because I’m tired of the people who don’t get it.  Most don’t.  Really.

Look:  I’mma gonna say it again.  You know, for the people in the back.
You do need to quit doing a few things, though…
…and at the risk of putting myself out of business as a Professional Social Media Maven, I’m going to tell you what a number of things are.
Why?  Why would I do that???  I’ll explain that in a bit.  First though?

Please stop doing the following:

-Posting infrequently.  Social media is FAST.  Depending on which network you’re tapping into?  VERY fast.  Very very VERY fast.
-Advertising only.  Social media was built for the people who use it…not for businesses.  The best way to get ignored is to only self-promote.  Period.
-Being silent.  If you don’t talk to your fans, someone else WILL.
-Treating social as a billboard or a commercial “spot”.  Don’t wait for your demographics to see you.  Find them.  Go where they are.  Get found.
-Turning a conversation into a monologue.  Make sure what’s being said about you is a CONVERSATION.  You can’t be social if you’re silent.  Networks don’t work when the energy stops.
-Assuming that since your views are high, you’re doing well.  Where’s your bottom line?  Do you have fans or a culture?  Which one is going to grow you?
-Using other people’s content and images without giving them credit.  Or you can.  But you know that enemies are better talkers (and doers) than fans are, right?
-Allowing the discussion to happen, but not becoming part of it.  If you want things -the CORRECT THINGS- said about you, you’re going to have to become a part of EVERY CONVERSATION out there that involves you, your Brand, your demographic, your geographic, your industry.
-Centering on Facebook (or any other single social channel).  News flash: Facebook is NOT the center of the internet.  Your demographic is everywhere online.  Conversations happen on news articles, forums, business listings…find them!  The internet isn’t static information anymore.  It’s a node of social interaction.  You’d might want to search yourself…
-Posting the wrong type of content to the wrong channel.
-Using the wrong channel to reach a demographic that isn’t there or isn’t active on it.
-Trying to cheat the system.  Trust me: it won’t work.  The ninjas employed by these companies to PREVENT bad practices are way more skilled than you are.
-Trying to do everything yourself.  Social presence is WAY more than plopping out a post twice a day…you’re going to want help.  Whether that’s a team of like-minded employees or a social media professional, don’t try to run a business AND maintain millions of pages of social networking.
-Going at social blindly.  Educate yourself and your people.  ‘Nuff said.
-Winging it.  Plan.  Plan for EVERY THING you can.  There are times social moves FAST.  Thinking on your feet is one thing.  Playing catch up and chasing what has been posted is another…and it’s exhausting.
-Ignoring parts of the process of maintaining presence.  You HAVE TO LISTEN and EVALUATE.  Have to!!!  It doesn’t even seem like part of the presence work some days!  But you HAVE TO.  Ignoring parts doesn’t make them less important to the proper process of improvement.  It just makes posting correctly more difficult.

So.  Why am I so willing to put all this shit out?  Wouldn’t I want to keep industry secrets secret so I can find clients and WOW them with my knowledge???

Oh I’d love to.  Really I would.  But none of this is secret.  All you have to do is Google for best practices for social media and social presence…sort through to find the reliable resources…read it/take the classes/attend the seminars and conferences…figure out how to apply it to your presence…put it into practice…repeat repeat repeat for eternity.
Social media and the internet in general is a) always changing.  Always.  and is b) driven by the whims of the people.
Every day, there’s reading and education needed.  So…
Please don’t think you’re going to read one article from 2009 and be done.
Nope.  Not even close.

But none of this is secret.

There’s a lot to it sometimes.  But there’s a lot to becoming tops at anything in any industry.
Chances are that the Olympic gymnasts didn’t do one cart-wheel one time to get on the team to compete…
See where this is going?

“I’m doing the same thing the rest of my industry…including the big names in my industry!.. is doing, though!”

Okay.  Great.
Are you maximizing your social presence for the effect and efficient means of communication that it really is though?  Or are you just going with the flow?
Some times the big boys don’t know everything or are very content with what they’ve been doing because, well, they’re the BIG (in the market share) boys anyway…

Think about the way YOU use social (OR would ideally like to use social.  Most of us have frustrations with the way the social channels run).  YOU ARE A GENERAL PUBLIC.  YOU ARE A FAN.  Are you building your business presence online as you as a general public would like to see it?  Or as a business person who relies on traditional marketing does?
Quit being traditional.  Your fans don’t owe you anything.  And they hate door-to-door selling, too.
But if you can excite them and make them part of your culture?  They’ll socially network FOR you.  They’ll also line up to hand you their money without you REALLY asking for it.  Serious.

Social presence and social media are not an overnight thing.
You can reach thousands of people in an instant.  (Width)
Exciting them to the point where they are loyalist and part of your culture may take a few more valuable, relevant, interesting posts than that… (Depth)

Learn it.  Plan it.  Do it.  Get in the conversation.  Listen.  Figure out what worked and what didn’t.  Adjust.
Repeat for eternity.

Congratulations.  You can now do my job.
Which is pretty great since I’d rather be at the zoo today (sites are STILL fickle!!!)

Okay.  Back to class.
Catch y’all on the flip

Want a couple other things to ponder?  Try this play list…

Here’s the link:  Social Media Intro Playlist #SocialMediaWorks

Don’t worry. It’s me.  Talking.  You’ll be fine….



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