Motivate & Excite (July 18th, 2016)


I’m in the middle of 2 class assignments right now.

One is an end-of-session project.  It’s going to take a while.  Its intimidating and huge, to start with.  I’m applying to modify it slightly.  The course I’m in isn’t exactly what I do.  I know that I need to understand the material I’m learning at the level that it’s being taught.  But the motivation to continue the class set is faltering, as the material -while applicable to my profession specialization- is general to the field.  We’ll see how this works out. More on that another time, though.

The second is a weekly assignment.  I have to participate in a forum discussion.
To state that I’m not excited would actually be the understatement of the century.  I’m not into discussion boards.  Contrary to the name of it, there’s very little actual discussion on boards.  It’s more like statements.  And then there’s nothing else from participants.

…maybe I try too hard.  I don’t know.  I was under the impression, based on the class grading description, that participation in the discussions was part of the grade.  I guess I figured that “discussion” implied “conversation” and conversation is usually two-sided…
…but what do I know.

So.  The intro to this class set has several questions to answer.  One is a question that I’ve had to answer over and over for the last year.  “If your friends had to say 3 things about you, what would they be?”
I’ve just been recycling the answers I got the first time I asked.  …apparently the consensus is that I like whiskey, as each of them mentioned it.  Hmmm.  Okay.
But, so that one’s answered.
Question number 2 is standard: “How will this class material benefit you in your career as an SEO professional?”  My answer never pleases anyone:  I’m not an SEO professional.  I’m a Professional Social Media Maven.  While I study SEO, as the concepts are extremely similar, my focus isn’t strictly ‘inbound marketing’ or SEO.  The concepts of ‘inbound marketing’ are EXACTLY what social channels utilize to get in front of fans.  And SEO is important anywhere.  If people can’t find you, they can’t view you.  But what SEO professionals do on a broad-context set of platforms for websites, I must learn generally and then figure out how to apply to each individual social channel on which my clients have accounts.  Each channel operates with different intent and is viewed differently.  Each network has its own quirks; some have their own algorithms.  Each is searched differently.  Each rounds out the social campaign in a different way, as each is used to fulfill a different pillar (or multiple sections of multiple pillars) of a social platform plan.
What we’re learning about in classes are generalities that, while all are applicable to what I do, I then have to figure out HOW to apply to the channels and then figure out how to explain to my clients…using smaller words.

And then?  Then there’s this week’s added bonus (most of us in this course track have now been in at least 3 online class sessions together.  Apparently we need something new to answer):
List 3 of your mentors and explain why you hold them in high regards.

Three.  I only get THREE?!?!?  C’MON!!!!
Oh this is going to be fun.

I have this baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling that I’m supposed to be listing people in the SEO field.
That isn’t going to happen.  That’s not who I have on my mentor list.

Look.  In case you missed the intro to “Who is Trixi Roulée?”, I’m about the farthest from a normal person you’re going to find…until you run into my sister LouLou.
I don’t have normal people on my list of mentors.  I don’t do normal things.  I don’t have normal inspiration to say or do things.  I don’t have normal dreams or aspirations (or fears.  Dia can comment on THAT.  She won’t, though.  She likes to LIVE…).  I don’t have normal ANYTHING.

So my list of THREE mentors?  Oh definitely not what they’re going to be wanting.  I’ve put off answering this question for about 10 days now (I’m a week and a half into a 5 week sub-course.  I have until the end to answer the introduction questions).
I’ve had to narrow it down.  Again:  I only get THREE?!?!?!?  *le sigh*

Okay, fine.

So now I have to also articulate WHY.
Um…fabulous.  Marvolicious.  Spectacular.
…sparkly, even.

Let’s just say that I’m really REALLY glad there’s not a word limit on the answer.

I don’t hold normal people in high regards.  So explaining WHY I do hold the people who I call ‘inspirations’ and ‘mentors’ and such?  There’s an awful lot to tell.
My standard answer is
“Well, they’re an amazing human being!”  Something tells me I have to state the WHY on that…

Once I get the question answered, I’ll post an update entry to this so y’all can see what I posted.  Right now I’m still working on it.

If you don’t have people in your life (either REAL life and/or your online life), WHY NOT???  You probably shouldn’t just chose to follow people who you don’t know: celebrities, historical figures.  You probably should have people that you have seen and interacted with up-close-and-personal that you can say make an impact on how you are.  Probably.
I’m mean, I’m no professional and don’t know for sure.  I have a lot of people who I call inspirational that I’ve never met (and probably never will).  But my mentors are people that I know personally or in-depth online.
Because they’re human, just like me.  That they can be how they are and who they are and STILL be how they are and who they are?  That they aren’t perfect and don’t claim to be?  That they’re HUMAN???  Those factors make them so much more motivational and inspirational and exciting anyway!

Yes: exciting!  If your mentors don’t excite your passions for life, why are they on your list???  If they don’t challenge your thinking, why do you hold them in high regards???

Find those people in YOUR life.  They do exist.
And I guarantee they will be LEADERS as well.  So LEARN FROM THEM, then go on and lead as well.
The world needs more of that.

There’s NOT a lack of leaders in this world.
But there is a lack of people who are willing to do what’s needed to be done to develop them SELVES into next-series leaders…because
-it’s difficult.
-it’s scary.
-it takes time.
-it means building and growing.

…there are THOUSANDS of excuses.
And then the question becomes “where are the leaders?”  Well, if you’d get off your ass…
Not.  Kidding.
The current leaders are out there LEADING.  Quietly, for the most part.  If you want to find them, you’ll have to look.  Once you look, well…things happen…
You’ll see.

I’ve got to see if I can get this question answered in less than 3 volumes of work.
Catch y’all on the flip



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