A Reminder

If it’s too easy…too comfortable…there’s more to it.
It will always be difficult some where…a challenge in something…way outside the box, the comfort zone, the norm.
It will hurt.
The money will not be there (It will always be bigger than the budget).
The opportunities will fall through (It will mean finding solutions in problems, then finding the problems in the solutions, then finding the solutions in the problems…and being creative about it. The answers won’t be obvious).
People you figured would always support you will tell you you’re crazy…and if you don’t give in, they’ll walk away (fear does that. They’re fearful of you…your drive and determination. They’re fearful for you…they don’t want you to have pain -however temporary- of failed attempts and having to realign things. They’re afraid you’ll change…they like you right as you are right now. They don’t want to lose the level of attention you give to them as your drive intensifies within your passion-driven dream).
They will talk about you. Not about what you’re doing; about you. That’s fan behavior. They will continue to. They won’t understand, so they will speculate. Rumors aren’t even worth addressing. Offer to sign autographs for the people who want to keep mentioning you.

They will bring the fight to you. Choose your battles. Fighting every small tiff will leave you without the energy or the resources to fight the truly important battles. Not every thing will benefit you to be involved in on a personal and day to day basis.

Life becomes unstable and fluid. News flash: the only time you’re stable in life is if you’re comatose. Move. Grow. Challenge. Laugh. Try. Climb. Fall. Sing. Dance. Build. DO. Stagnation breeds algae…algae smells. Don’t smell…
No matter how tired. Never. Give. Up.

Remeber that guy who gave up?
…no one else does either.

Its not about the budget…or the opportunities…or the fans of your life.
And you’ll never see a hater who’ doing better than you.  Remember that.
But it’s NOT about that, either.

Its about building: building something good…and building people that will carry your vision and dream if you begin to slack off. Build the excitement and intensity. It will fuel the next-series leaders you’re building with YOUR passion and drive.

You won’t fail. You will realign. You will lead. You will succeed.

You will succeed if your are willing to push with passionate and driven intensity about what you love.
You won’t “develop” the passionate intensity needed for success with something you tolerate. There is no success without passionate intensity.
You won’t “develop” the passionate drive needed for success with something you tolerate. There is no success without passionate drive.
You won’t “develop” the passionate dedication needed for success with something you tolerate. There is no success without passionate dedication.

Persistent people build.
Consistent people build success.

Be consistent with your drive, dedication, intensity, and passion.

Never give up what you love because some one tells you to just accept the normal things everyone has or does in life. Do not settle…you’ll always get less than you settle for and you always settle for less than you deserve. Always push. Stay intense.  Stay driven. Be dedicate to your passion.

Never give up what you love.
Follow it.
Build it.
Be tired at the end of every day and every experience because you been ear-deep in it, giving your all freely. Be consumed by it.
Learn. Grow. Get your hands dirty. Be exhausted.
Do not give up what you love.
Continue to build because you’re inspired and driven.
If you’re too tired to work on what you love, you’re not tired. You’re uninspired. Figure out where the inspiration and passion and drive and intensity really and truly are focused…and don’t give that up. Never give that up.

#Hustle #Build #GrowOrGetLeft #Do #ShutUpAndDo #NeverGiveUp #DontQuit #LifeIsBeautiful #Progress #DoWhatYouLove #DontKnowHowToStop #BentToFly #IAmTheFire #LetsGoLetsGoLetsGo #WorldOnFire #Success


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