Choices (July 11th, 2016)

Lead vs manage
Walk vs talk
Make vs allow
Productive vs busy
Grow vs stagnate
Evaluate vs fail
Action vs activity
Mayhem vs chaos
Value vs desire
Classic vs trashy
Listen vs hear

All life carries these choices. Your outcomes are dependent on which you decide to embrace. No one is at fault for your place on Your path.  No one. Accept that and accept fault -good or bad- for your own decisions. There is no “fate”. There is no “destiny”. There is life…and you get ONE. The only destination we have is the grave. Its about seeing everything you can, doing everything available that interests you even slightly, meeting all the individuals you can along the way. Do not die on the “go square” of life, never having left the confines and perceived security of everything you think you know in your own backyard. Look at the cards you were dealt, find their value, trade when need be…but don’t worry about someone else’s hand.  Don’t play your card or set before you’re asked: you only get to play it once.  Don’t call or fold before you must.  And remember that the card you’re dealt by someone else (as you’re invited into their life) are specifically picked by them for you.

If you don’t make a choice, you’re always choosing the latter.  Don’t be lazy.  You won’t like the result.  And no one pities you for not moving YOUR ass in YOUR life.

Life isn’t difficult.

Catch ya on the flip


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