Welcome to Summer (July 5th, 2016)

It’s inevitable, really.  I have no other words.

I’m aware that summer started 2 weeks ago.  But for me?  Today.  Just today.

When the summer cold / sinus crap kicked in.  UGH.
BUT  a double dose of meds and I’m back at it…which is fabulous, since my to-do list is average PLUS what I neglected this past weekend PLUS my clients thinking they get a holiday and having mini-meltdowns trying to get caught up….

I mean, I totally could use a NAP.
But the sniffling has since stopped and the headache is almost gone, so:  WIN.

Today is also the birthday of the bikini.
Great.  Except that I reflect light.  THAT’S a no-go for me.

But summer is indeed here.  And I’m planning to spend as much of it outside as my wifi connection will allow.
I’m outdoorsy in that I like to be outdoors.

I know:  I’m weird.

I want to be camping.  I like to swim.  Grab my bike…grab my skates…and go.  Find a playground and swing on the swingset.  Take a walk.

It does really seem that I’m always online…I kind of am.  But I can totally do it outside (if I could figure out how to get the glare off my devices, I’d be home free!).

And I plan to spend as much of the summer of 2016 outside as humanly possible…medicated as I’ll have to be, I suppose.



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