ANY Reason to Throw A Party, Really (June 30th, 2016)

Who doesn’t love a party?!?!?

Today is my HALF BIRTHDAY.

The mayhem shall ensue!
…right after semi-successful adulting ensues.

There will be cake.  And party hats.  And confetti (not at my house.  Oh no!  I’m smarter than that!!!).  And loud music.  And SOMEONE HAD BETTER SING TO ME…I’m not even picky on the song!

Part of  #LiveLoud is enjoying life!  And enjoying life is celebrating!
I mean, it totally legitimizes me celebrating when I explain how having a birthday on New Year’s Eve isn’t the coolest thing in the world like everyone thinks it would be (it’s not.  It gets to be my birthday for about 10 minutes.  And I always wind up buying my own drinks 😦 ).
But why aren’t we throwing a party for ourselves (or someone else!) more often???
Do you people not like cake or something?!?!?

Maybe that’s the problem for most people (not the cake thing.  The celebrating idea in general).
No no…hear me out on this one:

Think about the holidays.
ANY holiday, really.
Let’s take the 4th of July (in the United States, at least).
When I was a kid, this was a HUGE thing.  There were parades.  People had off of work for the day (it was, after all, a federal and bank holiday).  My family usually went to my Great Uncle’s home for a picnic and family reunion and fireworks…all day!  People went to the beach.  People partied!  You wouldn’t find people at restaurants (even when I worked for McDonald’s, we had a skeleton-level crew as the projected business volume was absolutely minimal) or the mall.  They’d be together, celebrating and laughing.

What happened here?
Is it the fact that we can’t (won’t) pull our heads out of our phones to interact with each other?  Is it that we’re money-hungry and won’t stop working because the internet doesn’t take the day off (I acknowledge that internet banking and business has a large effect on “time off”)?  Is it that we don’t care?  Is it that we don’t have fun anymore???


And before someone says “adulting”, part of being an adult is acknowledging that self-care is very important.  Fun is PART of self-care.  It’s IMPORTANT!!!

So #LiveLoud!  #Party!  #Celebrate!!!  Create #Mayhem (altho, if your mayhem turns into chaos and you wind up getting into trouble?  Do NOT call me for bail.  I’m going to want to hear the story…but not until someone else has bailed you out…)!

I’ve got cake to eat 🙂

Catch y’all on the flip!


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