I Think I Embarrass Them (June 23rd, 2016)

I think we may have covered the fact that I am, in fact, the cool Auntie in the family.

We haven’t?  Well then.  Allow me to intro myself:
I am Auntie Nana…the COOL Auntie.

Most of the time.

The minion nieces are 15, 11, and 8.  I get to pick them up from school (right now, summer school).  I get to take them to do things, practice sports skills with them, teach them circus skills, play games with them, listen to them, laugh with them, teach them about cool music…

I don’t know why but the younger two do NOT know the words to Queen’s “We Are the Champions” (FAIL, LouLou.  Total parenting FAIL).  BUT they now know the chorus to AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (WAPL played it like 3 times yesterday).  I’m not sure 100% if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  *shrug*

Yesterday I made the two younger get a picture with the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.  Made.  It was in a parking lot, and they were less than impressed.

Today?  I may have been dancing in the courtyard of the high school while I waited for them…
…shall we discuss what happens when Halestorm’s “Mayhem” comes on?
It gets loud.  Very loud.

Also introduced them to Marky-Mark’s “Good Vibrations” today.

To say they were embarrassed at Auntie jammin’ out and singing along as we were cruising down Broadway would probably be the understatement of the day…

Look.  I don’t care.
This isn’t about me “embarrassing” them.

This is about having FUN!

Kids now days have their heads stuck in electronics. They don’t like to play games or sing or do crafts.  They don’t smile and laugh enough.  They’re kids!!!!
And I’m only 35 years old.  I’m practically still a kid myself.

So yes:  I will sing
Yes:  I will dance
Yes: my socks don’t match
Yes: I’m loud
Yes: I ride all the rides at the park
Yes: I go down the slide at the playground

Why not?

I will color.  I will draw with chalk.  I will laugh.  I will run and play tag.  I will take the annoying pictures.  I will read.  I will crank the music.  I will indulge in the corny-ass knock knock jokes.  I will take the teachable moments and TEACH.  I will encourage.

I don’t care how embarrassing that is.

Learn to love life.  Learn to laugh.  #LifeIsBeautiful

Catch y’all on the flip.



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