Save Your Damn Self Already (June 19th, 2016)

Look.  I’m independent.  Part of it is just the way I was raised.

I was encouraged to solve problems.  To find solutions.  To get dirty.  To learn.  To try.  To do for self and not rely on someone else.   There was no “woman’s work” or “men’s dirty jobs”.  If it had to be done, it got done…by whomever was available to do it.  Whether or not it was hot out, or raining out.  Whether or not it was liked.  Whether or not there was actually time…time was made and it got DONE.

And?  All before Google.

Part of it is because it makes me puke to watch people post about how they can’t change a tire.  Or fix a small leak.  Or make the DVD player (I just really aged myself, didn’t I?) clock stop blinking “12:00”.
YouTube, people.  You.  Tube.

I don’t understand why people want to be saved…mostly from themselves.


Learn to do for you.

Even if you have family and friends around you, unless you never travel further than your backyard?, you’re going to be somewhere at some point where you don’t know anyone and you’ll need something.  Great news is that now the entirety of the knowledge is at your fingertips for free…USE IT.

And then, of course, there are the people that will say “well, I never intend to travel to another country!”
You don’t have to.

You can travel one town over and not know anyone…and get a flat tire!

You can go across the country on vacation…and want dinner out.  Are you really going to just have McDonald’s?!?!?  Please say no…

What do you do if you get a splinter?

What happens when you have more month than money for whatever reason?

How do you cite a digital news article for a paper?

How do you spell “cyrsanthimum”?

What is this rash?

What do I do when I can’t sleep?

I don’t understand this.

I do for myself because I can.  Because there’s something to be said for maincured nails that can change oil on her car and not care.  Because I like to try new things…learn new things.
I do for myself because it’s economical.  I do for myself because I like the experience.

I do for myself because I can.

I’ll be the first to SHOUT from anywhere that I did not learn everything I know on my own.  I’ll tell you that I have a LOT of people to learn from in life.  I also utilize Google and YouTube regularly.  I’m not afraid to read (many more than one source).  I’ll get my hands into a project and attempt (even in heels and a skirt!).  I’ll make a mistake…or 7.  I’ll say something stupid.  I’ll tell you if I don’t know, but I’ll look and see if I can figure it out.  I’ll ask questions… A LOT of questions (I have references).  I’ll help you find answers.

But I DO because I don’t NEED it done for me.

Neither do you.

It’s never bad to have help.  Yet it’s great to be able to know and/or do…because then?  Then you can help someone else.

Save your damn selves.

Always be learning and doing.

Catch y’all on the flip.


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