About Motivation (June 12th, 2016)

Yesterday was the 40th annual Bellin Run in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Yesterday was the 3rd time I participated in the Bellin Run.

And yesterday was the first time I got questions as to why I participate in the Bellin Run.

It’s not a fundraiser.
It’s a 10K (6.2 miles).
It was HOT yesterday (over 70* at start time).
I don’t run.
It’s 6.2 miles.

So why would I do it?
I mean seriously.  Yesterday’s conditions (that weren’t actually that bad if you stayed hydrated and listened to your body) actually caused race organizers to allow DEFFERMENT of registration to next year’s race!
So WHY in the world would I do it?

Bellin Run 2016

Meet the Minions (plus one).
These are my nieces (and the oldest’s friend M).  Ages? 8 years, 11 years, 15 years (both).

And yup.  They did it, too.
They were EXCITED to do it!

Minion & M (ages 15 years) are runners.  They’re both relatively athletic.  This was Minion’s 4th season…I think…
Mini-Me (age 11 years) kinda coulda went either way this year.  She’s NOT athletic and is just realizing that.  No training on top of it?  Yeah…she coulda stayed home willingly.  But.  This was her Mini-Me’s 3rd season.  She’s done it before.  She knows it SUCKS at a lot of points, but it’s totally do-able.
Derby Girl?  DG’s 8 years old.  DG has been BEGGING to do this for the last 2 years.  Mama-Bear made her wait.  DG isn’t a whole lot athletic, either.  But she tries!  And she was E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!!
Really?  If we had tried to talk Derby Girl out of this, we’d have had one hellva fight on our hands!  She swings…and connects!

These 3 are the reason.  They really are!!!
To continue to push myself on my fitness journey…do the hard things…try new things?
All I need to do is to look around and see my nieces and nephews and the kiddos of my peeps and friends.  Seriously.

I know:  sounds cheesy.  But it’s not.  Not to me, at least.
They motivate the fuck out of me to keep going and keep trying and keep pushing.  They just DO!  I can’t exactly explain it….
…they just DO.

Now.  I do want to say that I have amazeballz friends as well.  Reason that I mention?
Well, instead of sleeping prior to an early-ass morning, heat, and 6.2 miles (which, with all the extra walking involved, actually is 8.02 miles for the event), I went to hang out with my best friend.  We may or may not have stayed up all night talking and listening to music and talking and laughing and talking…

Why is this so important to why I did the Bellin?
I needed a kick in the ass.  I did.
Conversation excerpts:
“Are you begging for approval???  Who are you???  You don’t ask for approval on things!”
“That’s why.  You’re straight-forward.  You do what you say.”
“So figure it out.  Build it [self-promotion materials] and nail the fuck out of the opportunities.  I don’t understand you right now.  You know what you’re worth.  Charge it.”
“Oh, Trix.  You’re far from perfect.  But you’re damn good at almost everything.”

No.  You can’t have my best friend.

Was I having a self-loathing night or something?
Fuck no.
Just discussing parts of everyday life.  Talking about current things in each other’s lives.  Venting.  Laughing.  And getting life handed to me…again.  As usual.
We ground each other effectively.  Sometimes it hurts.

I had a lot of time to reflect on parts of the conversation while walking the Bellin.  About 2 hours to be honest.

Kinda wanted to punch my BF at times.  Kinda wanted to tear a bit.
Not angry.  Not sad.  Not mad.
Kinda in awe.  As usual.
I don’t understand how my BF can know me so damn well.  I barely know me!!!  *sigh*
But I got a number of points driven home to me…through normal conversation…in the middle of the night.

And so I go on.  I push hard.  I do what I don’t have to to get the results I want.

I also get to do fun things, like have 2 other friends that blow my mind in all aspects of life.
It’s scary.
Why?  Is it scary to think that I have people in my life that motivate me?
Not really.

It’s scary how much they give.  How much they DO.  How freakin’ AMAZEBALLZ they are…and yet they think they’re “normal” (trust me:  They are NOT normal).

So I get to reflect.  And my brain does this weird thing where it converses with them (in their voices!) when I have to work through things in my head…
…I get a lot of great thought work with them.

I have amazing people in my life.
That’s why.

That’s my motivation.
They help me stay on track.
My friends.  My family.
They push me to DO without realizing they do it…without KNOWING they do it.

Why do I walk 6.2 miles in the heat, early on a Saturday?
Because I can.  Because I’m still excited.  And because I know that I can and will.

Because I am motivated.

Catch ya on the flip


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