It’s a Game of Hide-and-Go-Seek (June 8th, 2016)

It’s all there.  All the information you need?  It’s always all there.  The internet has made it accessible to you!  Want to learn a new language? Search and click.  Find long-lost family?  Search and click?  A good comic?  Search and click?

I’m quite aware of this.  I tell people many more times than I care to think about to “Google it”.  I have saved files and articles until next March (at least).  There are forums and indexes and interwebs.  The information is there.  Sometimes it’s a matter of finding it.

And sometimes it’s a matter of vetting it.
Just because you FIND the information doesn’t mean it’s accurate.
Vetting takes almost as much time as finding…if not more.

All of the information is there.
It’s a matter of finding it.

So, if you’re into “Where’s Waldo?” or scavenger hunts or hide-and-go-seek?  Great news!

Whether in my classes lately or working with my clients, it’s been a constant search mission.
And then?  Then I have friends and family who apparently think that I’m the Google Queen (I’m not.  I’m the hashtag queen.  H-A-S-H-T-A-G).

Really, I’m quite tired of digging.  I’m tired of reading…then reading the supplemental reading…then reading the supplemental reading to the supplemental reading.
(I’m not an overachiever, but I am paying for these courses and I intend to pass with the highest grade possible).
I miss reading for fun.

And if I’m going to dig, can I spend a couple hours doing that in the flower bed instead?

Why is this information so difficult to find?

Oh that’s right: humans run the internet.
#BadIndexing  HUGELY bad indexing.  It’s not the program, either.

Part of it, as well, comes again back to vetting.  Proper sources are damn important.  I don’t want one-sided, slant-sided, or false information.
Yes, I do more research than is needed.  I realize that.  It’s a #fault.

Right now, however, I’m having flashbacks to my high school sophomore year math class…that I barely passed.  I just didn’t grasp the equations.
Right now my data science class is basically all “equation” work.  No real application.

See, I’m well aware this is 2-part for me.
I know that I have to understand how to make the equation (or in this case, function with in the language) work.  I know that I have to understand how to identify which equation (function) to use.  I understand that learning this is fundamental.


Until I can put the equations (functions) to work in an actual data-manipulation task?  I’m going to be lost.  I am fully aware that I am a ‘hands-on’ learner with regards to math.  {SN:  I can fully figure out how to do the train problem.  It’s actually kinda cool!}
But to sit with a bunch of numbers and say “which out of these functions would best manipulate this data?”  Well then.  It depends.  What EXACTLY do I want to get the data to display as an end result?  Because there’s no sense to ONLY GO AS FAR with the manipulation as you’re suggesting.  And from that point?  There’s a number of directions that you could move…
Also?  I’d use a different language program.  But you won’t allow me to because “this suite is free to use, and is common data scientist language”.  Well, by your definition?  I’m a data scientist already (although, I suppose I don’t have a certificate to prove that yet) and I’ve never heard of it, so…
I know.  I over-think this.  I also understand that.  I can’t help it.  It’s how my brain functions.

But I know that there’s a discussion some where on a class discussion board as to how to simply chose a function.
I know that there’s notes on how these functions in this suite compare to other suites.  I’ve found some of them.

But I haven’t found the BASICS…the VERY BASICS…yet.  And that’s where I am.

It’s almost like I don’t understand the basics enough to explain them, yet I totally can do the mid-level work (and even some of the higher, more challenging stuff!)
I know that I’m not, but right now I really feel lost and quite stupid.

And sleep didn’t help, either.

I was back into digging into stackify (or whatever it’s called.  I have it bookmarked) already this morning…
…maybe I’m building incorrect queries?  Maybe that’s it.  I never did like building queries…

OR maybe I’m just not that smart?
Nah.  I got this.

Maybe I need to Google it instead?

Because the information is OUT THERE.  I know that.

I just have to find it.
Then I’m going to hunt Waldo.  He’s always been easier to find anyway.


Catch ya on the flip


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