Perhaps? (June 6th, 2016)

I think I may have over-did it yesterday…The stairs at Lambeau Field were one thing.  I knew I was going to hurt after that.  After all, one of me,  may have done legs just hours before at the gym.  I knew that I was going to be angry with myself for my “performance”.  I knew it was going to suck.

But ONE OF ME (I accept fault for things in my life, thank you) also decided to go for a nice little walk along the Fox River Recreational Trail yesterday afternoon.
It started as “I’ll just go for a nice little stroll.  Fifteen minutes.  Just to clear my head…”
Yeah.  About that…
An HOUR later, I had put in 4.11 miles.
Not bad.  As long as you don’t think about:
-I was underhydrated to start with.
-I hadn’t fueled properly before hand.
-I had on old shoes.
-I really kinda pushed myself for time once I realized that I was MAKING good time.
-ZERO sunscreen.
-and of course, I didn’t bring water with me…

Perhaps I over did it.


Okay.  Fuck perhaps.

Totally over did it.

BC Powder is again my friend as I struggle with an under-hydration headache (don’t worry.  I’m drinking my water.  It’s not an instant fix, though).
My calves are KILLING ME.  So.  Tight.  And I can’t get them stretched out.
And?  I sunburned my part in my hair.  Again.

Great news: Welcome to summer.  *sigh*
Lesson relearned…again.

Okay.  So what do I do from here?
More water.  Water case with me out the door EVERYTIME.
Purchase more sunscreen.  Set alarms on phone for sunscreen reapplication.
Quit wearing these shoes (no matter how fast they are to put on).

MORE stretching.
PLUS more leg work and more core work.  More distance work weekly.
And more stretching.

OH!  And more stretching.  Period.

Perhaps the lessons relearned, no matter how funny I’m sure I am to watch walk right now, are worth it.  Again.
And perhaps I should just work harder to REMEMBER what I already know.

Or you can just laugh as I kinda waddle by.  That’ll work too…

Catch ya on the flip


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