Inspiration: Dita Von Teese ‘Live Fully’

Inspiration is all around.  Sometimes you don’t find it, it finds you.

Chances are good that you’ve seen images of Dita Von Teese.
Chances are that even if you don’t follow the burlesque scene, you know of Dita.  She was, after all, married to Marilyn Manson for three years.

The woman is amazingly beautiful.  Don’t believe me?  Here.  Check out her OFFICIAL images (yes, they’re a bit risqué.  She’s a BURLESQUE artists).
But Dita is so much more than that!

I’ve followed Dita’s imagery since before I chose to get into Pinup style.
And I decided to find out more about this glamorous woman FAR before I decided that I, at some point, would like to learn more about burlesque…and to even learn HOW to.

What I found about Dita’s history and her NOW blows me away.

The things that drive me most…that INSPIRE the fuck out of me?
-Dita is a do it yourself girl.  That amazing blue-black hair?  Box color from the drug store (she openly admits this) done in her bathroom.  Her signature half-moon, perfect red manicure?  While the acrylics are done and maintained at the salon, the painting is done by her.  The majority of her photo shoots?  Her stage make up and hair?  Dita’s own hand!
-Dita understands the power of marketing.  The majority of her empire has been built by marketing her name and her look.  She does not compromise on HOW she is portrayed.  She owns it.
-Dita is human.  She’s honest about the fact that she will and DOES leave the house without makeup.  She’s also honest about the fact that she believes you feel better when you look better and that something as simple as quickly doing your hair is important to her because of that fact.
-Dita is a fan-girl.  And not just of “famous” folks.  She openly discusses people she has talked with that blow her mind.
-Dita is a purest.  She truly loves the retro and vintage life style.  And she’s very true to it.  She does not actually own jeans.  Her clothing lines, her make up lines, her scents?  They all are very true to vintage and retro pieces.  She believes in advocating glamour every moment of every day; and she does.
-Dita believes in the power of CONFIDENCE.  She’s been known to express that burlesque is not about sexuality, but about confidence.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much confidence goes into performing a show like that!  AND she writes her own shows…PLUS produces them!  That takes some serious confidence in one’s abilities.
-Dita understands and talks openly about the difference between every day life and the stage show.  She understands that a lot of the world only knows her by her promotion pictures, which are all done in heavy stage make up and glitter and glam.  She’s not worried when she gets “caught” out of her stage set, though.  She’s human after all, and still strives to look amazing.  She really takes care of herself, and it’s obvious in her everyday life photos and conversations as well.
-Dita understands that you create the look that encompasses what and who you are inside.  She also understands that people catch shit for that; they’re told that they’re trying to be some one else because they do their hair or make up or they’re fashions don’t match what society says they should wear.  And she’s very willing to talk about some of her close friends that are just like she is:  willing to put in the effort to wear and physically appear as they want to every day; despite what other people have to say about it.

Dita makes the statement:
“I was painfully shy growing up.  Yet I realized that if I was going to live fully, I had to live on my own terms” (from Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour by Dita Von Teese )

I think mostly?  I love the fact that Dita lives SO very fully.  She hides nothing.  She lives.
That?  That’s the most inspiring thing EVER to me.

Live fully.
And be prepared to do it on your terms.

The road won’t be easy.  But it is up to you to do.

Live fully.


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