From the Top, in Order (May 27th, 2016)

June is an odd month for me.  I usually do a lot of stupid-to-most-people shit in June.


It’s actually a long story that I don’t feel like putting out right now.  One day.  But not today.

And as I sit waiting on my lunch to arrive today, realizing that I’m 4 days from the start of a relatively turbulent month for me (for many MANY reasons!), exploring expansion options, staring 5 classes in the face, planning personal and family events, working to get on 2 big projects, working to get a plan on another HUGE project…

…and I sit here creating several to-do sheets and lists?


Maybe I have too many pieces of paper.  Maybe…

Maybe I just need to start at the top and work my way down ONE list.  *shurgs*  Concept there…

I don’t know what order to do things in though.  And the order changes.  Both of these uncertainties are a big factor in what has kinda-sorta-maybe turned into a stalling…

I don’t think any one likes uncertainty.  I’ve learned -in the last 3 years- to embrace the hell out of it.  But don’t misunderstand:  I still don’t like it.  At.  All.

So what now?

Now…for the next half an hour at least…I turn the music up and escape reality.  I hang out with the minion-nieces.

Then?  Back to the reality that is my life.
Skating.  Work.  Night out….sleep at some point.

I really am having a difficult time with several projects…and I’m on a time limit for most of them.

I’m glad that I am on a time limit (kinda…) or this stuff wouldn’t get done at all.
I’m kinda a perfectionist.

But I will say that I’m looking at these lists…as they’re growing…and I know what I have to do:

Start at the top and work my way down.


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