Everyday I’m Hustling (May 22nd, 2016)

Growing up, I HATED the word “hustle”.  It was only used in my gym class.  I hated gym class.  I’m not athletic (never have been).  I’m not all that coordinated (never HAVE been).  I don’t understand group sports; individual sports, yes I can do those.  It’s not that I’m not a team player.  I just don’t understand the rules of most popular team sport.  And I’m not athletic or coordinated.  It kinda makes me a hinderance to most teams.  I accept my faults on this.

So gym class in school?  Not really my thing.  STILL isn’t.  I mean, I want to do “bootcamp” at BODE Central.  I want to try it.  But I don’t at the same time.  Even though I know it’s individual, I’m not all that athletic and not all that coordinated…

I have, until recently, associated the word “hustle” with athletics…and gym class.

And then it became a synonym for “work hard and push and go-go-go” in the world of building MY empire.

But truly?  Truly it’s more than that.

Every day I watch people in my life or that I touch lives with just allow life to slide by them.  To run them.  To RUIN them.
That’s not how this works.  That’s not how ANY OF THIS WORKS.

And it took me a long time to learn that.

…and even LONGER to accept it.  Some days?  I still doubt it.

But it IS how it works.  If you don’t grab life by the BALLS, it’s going to pass you by.

Look, kiddos.  Time is the ONLY finite thing on this planet.  Once yours is up?  You don’t get anymore.  That’s all there is to it.  I don’t understand why we can’t grasp that fact.  But we don’t.  Whatevs.
But once you’re out of time?  You don’t get to cram a life time of living into your last 30 seconds.

You just don’t.

Life is experiences.  It’s learning and doing and growing.  It’s not talking about it or wishing about it or dreaming about it.  It’s about DOING it.

It’s about HUSTLE.

Digging deep.


Getting it done.

Every day.  Every SINGLE day.  You have the same 24 hours that I do.  The same 7 days in a week.  The SAME 365 DAYS EVERY YEAR.

So let’s start with the big picture shall we?
What was your 2016 New Year’s “resolution”?  Same as 2015?  And 2014?  And it’s almost the end of May.  Where are you on it?

Better yet…when did you give up on it?  Can you pin point the date?
Be honest:  was it January 1st?  Because it was hard to do and would take time.

Confession?  Been there.  Done that.  Didn’t like the way it made me think.

Why are you in the SAME place you were this time last year?  WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE ANYTHING?!?!?!

Because it’s hard?  Hustle.
Because it’ll take time?  Hustle.
Because you’ll have to dig in and work?  Hustle.

…do NOT place blame on someone else or some THING else.  The fault lies with YOU.
Sounds harsh???  Sorry, not sorry.

It IS with you.

Set your fucking mind to GROW.  To DO.  And STOP TALKING when you should be DOING.

And experience.  And DO!

“Trix.  You should consider sitting back and doing nothing for a change.  It’s called a break.  You need one.”

I’m good, thanx.  Oddly enough?  I get time to just sit back and do nothing but listen to music and watch nature.  I mean, I can’t shut the BRAIN off.  But, I get to sit back.  It’s not bad.  And when my 15 minutes or half an hour is up?  I hustle.

I’m 35 years old, not dead.  There’s a lot to do and see and learn.
And I’m doing as much of it as I possibly can!!!
Because one day?  I won’t be able to.  Physically or mentally.  Possibly both.
There’s a reality that, which extended life expectancy, comes more age issues.  These range from movement abilities to mental issues.  And while I would HOPE that my Family and Friends and Peeps will be there to assist me in staying as “going” as possible should I ever hit bumps in my road, I cannot be guaranteed that even with assistance I will be able to experience life at its fullest at that point.
So I will continue to LIVE OUT LOUD as long as I can.

Full speed ahead.

I will hustle.  Everyday.  I will take in all I can.  I will do all I can…to the best of my ability.  I will see and do all I can.  I will try.  I will learn.  I will make memories.  I will share time.  And I will continue to run full speed ahead.

…I’ll send a post card if you don’t want to come along.  I can’t make you.  I won’t try.  If you’d like to later?  Well, you know how to reach me…

Catch y’all on the flip.


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