HEY! We seem to have a problem…(May 16th, 2016)

I mean, as a society we have a LOT of problems.  Admit it.  We do.  I fear for humanity.  *shudder*

But the biggest problem I see?  The dumbing-down of society.  Or rather?  The acceptance of it.

So very many times, I read things on Facebook that make me want to pull my hair out.
Not political rants.  Not uninformed “science”.  Not religion.


I’m NOT a perfectionist.  I do NOT know everything.  I do, however, have an extremely difficult time reading your opinion on a political / scientific / religious rant without laughing if you cannot utilize SPELLCHECK (or, as you youngish call it “auto correct”).
Really.  You want to be taken seriously with your “informed opinion”, right?  Then it’s probably important if you can SPELL to the point that I can read what you’ve written and can demonstrate knowledge of the difference in “there, their, and they’re” and “hear and here” and “meet and meat”…and the list goes on and on and ON!  It’s extremely difficult to take your opinion serious if I’m laughing that hard.  And for what EVER reason, people get really pissy when you correct their comments.  I don’t understand that!  You want me to be open-minded and hear your side of things.  Yet you can’t be open-minded enough to accept BASIC RULES of grammar and spelling???  These aren’t OPINIONS; they’re basic RULES of how the language works!  Come ON!

There IS, of course, a time and place for “text-ease”.  Twitter is an example.  140 character max and you don’t want to link out; people just don’t click links very often.  It won’t matter if it takes them to Facebook or a blog post or an article or if they personally know the person or not.  Look: people are stupid and lazy.  Understanding both of those factors will assist in understanding WHY links are ineffective (WOW.  Like that isn’t the Social Media Maven in me shining through.  #SorryNotSorry).

I quit getting involved in debates on social media years ago.  Everyone thinks the opinion that they cling to is golden.  It’s NOT.  It’s your opinion.  Unless you can cite sources that disprove my opinion, yours isn’t right either.  You want to DISCUSS?  We can discuss.  We CAN.  It would be beneficial to your argument, however, if you were willing to look into the opposing views (as there are often more than one), and possibly to state your opinion seriously.

Grammar and spelling: makes you appear educated.  And it’s EASY!  The tools are AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

Seriously.  Don’t accept mistakes because they’re “easy” and you “know what they meant”.  No.  Don’t allow people to dumb-down society by not understanding and USING the basics of language.

Do NOT do it.

Catch y’all on the flip.


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