It’s MONDAY Again (May 9th, 2016)

Monday.  Happens every freakin’ week.
I don’t hate Mondays.  Mondays are more like my “Thursdays”…so, eh.  It’s another day to “X” off the calendar.

Yet Monday means a few things here and there, even in my screwed up world.

For one?  More music time than normal.
Not like listening…I’m never without my ear buds.
Playing.  And not the “fun” stuff either.  Scales.  Chords and tabs.  arpeggios.
Guitar and vocal right now.

A vocalist I’ve been since I was 2 years old.  I love to sing and I understand the mechanics of producing a vocal sound.  My range isn’t what it used to be.  Tonality is an ongoing challenge in technique.  So I rehearse.  I push my vocal range on both ends.  I work on breath control.  I focus on tonality (ooooh!  A vocal music pun!). And I get frustrated.  But I rehearse and work.

Guitar is new instrument to me.  I understand music theory.  I play piano and keyboards (two completely different things!).  So making chords and sound in key is understandable.  Like every other instrument out there: the majority of rehearsing is muscle memory.

I get frustrated with guitar practice very quickly.  Beginning at the beginning is hard to do!  “Why aren’t I father with this???”  “Why can’t my fingers REMEMBER where to go???” “DAMMIT THIS HURTS!!!”
I, like every other musician out there I think, HATE speed scales.  I hate running scales and chord progressions and variations over and over and over with no specific song being played.  It’s part of the deal…I get it.  But I HATE it.  It’s boring.  And with 7, 698 tabs open in the brain, sometimes (okay ALL THE TIME) its difficult to keep the brain focused.

Yet the scales happen.  Over.  And over.  And over….


Monday ALSO means new week of training.
Can I just say I’m not ready?  Yeah.  I’m going with that.  My schedule was full to start with.  Adding family events, plus 3 more projects, plus new training activities (swimming, dance, and time on the ice!)…really who needs sleep anyway?
Nah.  It’s not that bad.  It’s just tough.  It really is!  I wouldn’t enjoy it if it wasn’t.  I know this.  Yet?  Yet I am frustrated.  There’s so much I WANT to do…and just don’t have enough hours in the day to do it all…
Actually?  I think, as with everything else, the planning and scheduling may be worse than carrying it all out.
Never mind…I KNOW it is.

…plus at some point I should do the “adult” thing and do laundry and grocery shopping.
Eh…I don’t wanna… *sigh*
(Begin searching for late-night / all-night laundromats.  Added to the list…)


But it’s Monday…of game week.  So add to everything else?  FOOTBALL PRACTICE.  Look.  I STILL do not understand football.  I know I won’t play on Saturday (I do NOT know enough about the game to be an asset.  I know that.  I’m okay with that).  But I’m going anyway to practice.  I hope it doesn’t rain…it looks like it may…*sigh*


So I suppose I should get back to (what has become) Priority Project A…which is an unsolicited social media prospectus.  Right now?  It’s 10 pages.  I would like to lose 2 pages of it…but I don’t think I can.  There’s too much to explain.
I’d like to submit it tonight yet.
That won’t happen.  But I’d like it to.  We’ll see how close I can get to “Tuesday, close of business”…

Catch y’all on the flip
Carpe Scrotum…it’s the ONLY WAY to get through life.


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