Education OR Reasons I’m Still Up At 3am

I’m not a dumb person by any means.

I’m not the world’s smartest, either.

Why do I tell you this?  Preeeeeeeeeetty much because this is MY site and I can.
But also so that all y’all can begin to understand why I post at weird-ass hours.

Mostly because I don’t sleep much.

Knowledge is life.  Trust me.  I know this.

And it’s not all about spending years in college beyond high school -or later in life- and having letters behind your name.
Sometimes?  Sometimes it’s about classes and articles and seminars and webinars and more articles and podcasts and just doing whatever you’re doing.

That’s actually quite the list of exactly what I do regularly.
I have a list of webinars to virtually attend this week.
I’m registered for on-site seminars.
I’m currently in 8 classes and 3 certificate programs.
Plus I manage (at different levels) and educate 38 businesses on numerous social channels.

Also?  I’m a daughter, an auntie, a sister, a friend, a pole sports competitor, an adult (so…bills, laundry, groceries, etc).
Something had to give.

So sleep it was.

I don’t mind much actually.  The human body doesn’t ACTUALLY need eight straight hours of sleep daily…just complete sleep cycles.  About 8 complete sleep cycles within 24 hours.  They don’t even need to be together and consecutive!  Just complete.

And I strive for eight.  Some days, it’s more like 5 or 6. But I do strive for eight.

There’s a lot that figures into WHEN I lay down to try to sleep, too.
By nature, I’m a night-owl.  Always have been.
The internet is more ACTIVE at night.
There are less people in public at night (for like grocery shopping).

So I sleep when I can.  Mornings are honestly my favorite time of day…to sleep.

And I love the fact that people think my coffee drinking has a lot to do with my non-sleep thing.  Actually?  I can drink a pot of regular (NOT decaf) coffee and go to sleep.  It doesn’t affect me anymore.

MOST of the problem I have is I’m always learning.

I mean, the fact that my brain has 7,698 tabs open at all times probably doesn’t help things…
But MOSTLY it’s the fact that I’m reading and listening and learning.

“It’s just social media.  How hard can it be?”
Yeah…about that…

Social channels are massively intricate when used for business.  Without really going into the why of it, channels are set up to be SOCIAL…not business marketing platforms.  So getting heard through all the social noise is a task that requires knowledge, understanding, planning, review, and LISTENING.  Plus there’s numbers.  So.  Many.  Numbers…
Social channels are also fluid; not just in the way they function on the design and programming side of things, but general public (which drives social media) is changing moment-to-moment everyday.  Thinking you know social media -no matter the channel- is foolish.  What cuts through the noise today probably won’t be as effective next week.
People, man.  Just people…

It’s not about “learn and know.”  It’s about always learning, always changing, always learning more.

To stay relevant, you need to keep learning…keep expanding…expand understanding…

I’m determined to continue to STAY RELEVANT.

So…I’m off to listen to a podcast.  
…while I sleep for a couple hours.
It’s actually effective to listen to speeches while you sleep.  You do retain information.

Catch y’all on the flip 😉


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